Air filters


Air filters are too often underestimated.

Do you know, that a typical combustion engine has on one liter of fuel it needs up to 10,000 liters of air? With this awareness is easy to understand how important role in filtration play air filters. They capture the abrasive particles, carbon black particles, water, preventing premature engine wear. Nowadays, motors run on a matching clearances often smaller than 5 microns, thus it is significant to be aware that even the smallest dust particles can be harmful for the cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings as well as cause premature engine wear.

Designed for the needs of the market air filters correspond with strict standards. Regularly conducted qualitative tests are comply with ISO-5011. Acquired filtration effectiveness, depending on applied material and the needs of individual business buyers ranges from 99.5% to 99.9%, whereby these filters place at the top world producers of filtration industry.

Special work conditions require applying above-standard filtration materials. Therefore, in the trade offer of our company appears filters in a non-flammable version (flame-retardant) or with the strengthened structure of filter material, resistant on increased friction and damage of abrasive particles which are present in the filtered air

All filters are equipped with housings matched to the sealing polyurethane or NBR, which in any case is guaranteed leak-proof filter while the full protection of the structure.

Do you know that our filters since many years have passed positively the toughest and the most demanding tests in mining, such as KGHM mines, JSW, Kompania Węglowa?