Fuel filters


Top-quality fuel filters provide the basis for effective protection of advanced fuel injection systems.

Each fuel supplied to the engine must first go through the full flow fuel filter. One-pass cleaning system means that it’s necessary incomparably greater filtration quality, matched in terms of their stability and life time to the diurability of engines. Today, in many cases it’s using non-replaceable fuel treatment systems are designed for continuous use with one engine throughout its one’s life.

Advanced filter materials used for purification of diesel, beyond the particulates capturing even at 1 micron, simultaneously are a barrier to water molecules which presence in the tank pipes and injectors is highly undesired because they damage the fuel system.

In the last years appearing alternative fuels such as biodiesel enjoy a nondecreasing an interest but too they bring a lot of inquiries for its safe using in industry. Replacing standard fuel to biosiesel blend it is worth remembering that this mixture is a solvent. In some cases, particularly in engines with higher mileage, biodiesel can clear fuel system from the sediment which in turn may lead to rapid clogging of the fuel filter. Therefore it is worth obtain the additional filter which will be used in an emergency situation, when it comes to “clean up” the fuel system by biodiesel blend.

You should also remember that due to the presence of bio-components in biodiesel, it’s require frequent engine starting. Leaving biodiesel for a longer time causes algae bloom on the surface of the mixture in the tank, which in turn contributes to faster clogging of the fuel filter.

The content of organic components in the biodiesel means that this mixture has a greater tendency to bind in itself the water. Especially, in these cases, care should be taken to mounted removable fuel filters are of the highest quality, including superior ability of the separation of water from the fuel.