Hydraulic filters


Working machinery, for mining, for agreculture, for special application are equipped with hydraulic power systems, for achievement strongest and neuralgic or critical functions in machine.

Achieving high-efficiency hydraulic system requires to reduction for the minimum of quantity of hydraulic oil contamination. This will guarantee continuos and failure free system operation for many days.

WF PZL Zakład Doświadczalny offers a close 7.000 eqivalents of hydraulic cartridges.

By use of our search engine you may in easy way match a needed hydraulic cartridge. But if you have dubts, whether your choice is correct – please contact to our sales departament..

Do you know that the best hydraulic systems work with pressure up to 420 bar? For comparison and imagination of scale of the effect, please see that water pressure in domestic water system is about 5 atm. and pressure in pneumatic instalation is 6-10 atm.

Do you know that cartridges should not be matched by dimension?

Many factors affect on high quality and proper work of a hydraulic cartridges, such as:

– filter media, quality of capture the smallest particles
– temperature resistance
– resistance of material to crushing
– resistance of complete cartridge to burst pressure
– resistance of particular elements, including gaskets and glue, to chemical reaction with hydraulic oil
– set up of by-pass