Oil filters


Oil for an engine is what bloodstream for a man.
Therefore the choice of supplier should not be neglected and install only confirmed devices from a solid distributors. This principle is especially important when the machine works in heavy duty conditions.
A minimal cost of replacing filter in preventive maintenance is nothing in references to the value of repair or exchange of damaged components of the engine. Unfortunately, the average user is not able to determine whether installed filter works correctly. Damages caused by lack of filtration are visible when the first symptoms of faulty motor operation appear.
Oil Filters and cartridges which are designed and produced by WF PZL Zakład Doświadczalny are comply with ISO 16889 standards.
The construction is based on:

– a tough metal core, with pressure resistant which exceeding many times the operating pressure of oil pumps,
– a highly advanced filtration material matched to the requirements of filtration in individual machines,
– adhesives and bottom caps resistant on low and high operating temperatures of works at the phenomenon of thermal shock,
– structure resistant on vibration,
– seals chemically matched to the using oil.

Do you know that modern filtration materials which are based on fibreglass and nanotechnology have even ten times higher absorptivity than other materials consist of cellulose fibres. Therefore, at this moment it is possible to build systems with non-removable oil filters.

Do you know that assembly of popular “spin-on filter” by the method of comparing threads, may lead to engine overhaul?

It often seems for us, that if it is possible to assembly a filter, the device will be working, properly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Present spin-on filters are complex units with even three control valves. The basic valve so-called by-pass is adjusted to the pressure made by dedicated oil pump and it is set on 90% of pressure passed from the device. Installation of a filter with an inaccurate by-pass valve leads to its complete disappearance. Such valve will not have right to open, even in emergency situation. However, using the by-pass with relatively low opening pressure may cause, that it will be open all the time and oil will never flow through filter material.